By Implant Dentistry of Fort Myers
March 11, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

All On Four Dental ImplantsTired of dentures which slip and look fake? Or, do you have multiple failing teeth, crowns and numerous old fillings? Have you considered Teeth-in-a-Day from your Fort Myers dentist, Dr. Jay Shartzer? Also called All-on-4 dental implants, these inventive tooth replacements give you the stability and permanence of natural teeth--and the great-looking smile you deserve.

How All-on-4 works

All-on-4 dental implants support full dentures on either the upper or lower arch or even both. Instead of simply setting on top of gum tissue as conventional dentures do, All-on-4 teeth are anchored by titanium implants surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The artificial teeth come equipped with connectors which fasten them to the dental implants.

Why is this system so stable? The answer lies in a process known by scientists and dentists as osseointegration. Human bone melds right to natural titanium metal, the material dental implants are made of. So, when an implant resides in the jaw, the bone wraps right around it, creating a bond similar to that of a natural tooth root and the jaw.

With four implants in place, Dr. Shartzer can place a full denture onto the implants in his Fort Myers office and do so quickly--hence the term, Teeth-in-a-Day. However, complete osseointegration does take time. So, you'll return to Dr. Shartzer several times over a few months to check healing and then, finally, to receive your permanent denture or dentures.

Caring for your new teeth

As the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine maintains, careful oral hygiene is essential for every dental patient. Your hygienist will show you the best way to take care of your appliances, implant sites and gums. Also, you'll come to Implant Dentistry of Fort Myers routinely for check-ups and visits with your hygienist.

As you adjust to your new smile, you'll enjoy clearer speech, easier biting and chewing and personal appearance that's better than you may have thought possible. All things considered, Teeth-in-a-Day from your Fort Myers dentist truly can change your life.

Come in for a consultation

Dr. Shartzer will examine your mouth, take some X-ray images and present you with tooth replacement options suited to your specific needs, budget and preferences. Ask him about the All-on-4 option and if it could help you achieve a great smile. Call today: (239) 275-8880.