By Implant Dentistry of Fort Myers
April 09, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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When you visit your Fort Myers, FL implant dentist for dental implants, you don't just get a beautiful new smile. You also get a sophisticated piece of dental equipment that will have your teeth looking, feeling and functioning exceptionally well.

Dental implants from Implant Dentistry of Fort Myers consist of three parts: a screw to secure the implant into the jawbone, a crown Dental Implants to replace your missing tooth, and an abutment to hold the two together. Each of these pieces performs a different, important function and all three are made out of separate materials. Read on to learn about all of your dental implant material options.

The Implant

The foundation of the dental implant, the screw, is typically made out of titanium. Titanium is strong and durable. Perhaps most importantly, as the screw is directly implanted into the jawbone, it's also hypoallergenic.

The Abutment

The abutment holds the implant and the crown together, and can be made out of one of several different materials. Common choices include titanium, stainless steel, zirconia and gold.

The Crown

Dental crowns play many roles. They help improve your appearance, and they allow you to eat, talk and smile. Therefore, dental crowns must be made out of a durable yet natural-looking material if they are to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of an implant. The most common options for dental crowns include porcelain, ceramic, glass, gold and silver.

When it comes time to visit your Fort Myers, FL implant dentist for dental implants, you will very likely have plenty of options. Let us help you choose the option that is best for you. Call Implant Dentistry of Fort Myers to arrange a consultation today! We would love to talk to you about dental implants, and how they can securely fill the gaps in your smile.