By Drs. Molzan & Shartzer Implant Dentistry
January 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Having a completely successful dental implant done is probably more rare than you think. Oftentimes, such an invasive oral procedure can leave the affected area with residual pain, general discomfort, or even dangerous gum infections shortly after the procedure is complete.

But Jay Shartzer & Associates, DDS, can help make any discrepancies between your next dental implant and a truly successful one void. Take a look below at two of the most common reasons patients go with dental implant work:

Missing Teeth

Implementing a crown or a bridge in the open space left where a tooth used to be is the main treatment offered for people with missing teeth. In order for these procedures to be successful, they require that the healthy teeth adjacent to the empty space be strong enough to help keep that new implant properly rooted in your gums. A "root form” implant essentially serves as your new crown's root, which further helps keep it in place between your existing teeth. Typically speaking, these dental implants can be completed immediately following a tooth root extraction, even ones as painful as a full-on root canal.

Decayed Or Damaged Teeth

Using fillings to make up empty space where your teeth have broken down immensely, dentists can maintain your dental integrity by making it seem like all your teeth are all there! Even if cavities have severely damaged your teeth, fillings or sealants can help get you smiling again.

If your teeth suffer from either of the problems mentioned above and you feel it's time to check out the dental implant options available in the Fort Myers, FL area, then stop the search once and for all by checking out the many different oral health services offered at Drs. Molzan & Shartzer Implant Dentistry. After all, your long-term dental health is paramount to a lasting smile - so call the office today at (239) 275-8880 for the implants you've been wishing for!